Riyan Tv Watch Live Tv on Android

Riyan TV is a high-end satellite television channel based in Australia. This android app offers all that is required by the avid Riyan enthusiasts. The app offers full episodes of the popular series including the ones that have been recently released. The platform also offers news and information on music festivals. This gives the users access to up to date information that they can use to know when and where the concerts, events and other programmes will be held.

This app not only offers entertainment but it also lets the users search and browse through libraries of songs, actors and actresses. The interface of the app is extremely user friendly. Most people who have used the app hail its unique design as the one that is innovative and comfortable to use. The Android app is simple to operate yet features all the functions that a dedicated channel would have.

Like many other similar channels, Riyan TV allows the users to interact with the show hosts and presenters live through the videos. The users can chat with the actors or actresses through out the show and also comment on the different clips. The users can rate the shows as per their liking and create their own list of top shows to watch. This gives the users a chance to find what they want to see and also create a list of channels to subscribe to.

The app lets users search for different types of shows. The users can narrow down their search through category, actor or actress or even browse through all the actors in a particular year. The app also offers the option to switch between different views of the TV shows. The users can have the option of watching the program they are currently looking for or searching for a new program to watch.

The app allows the users to find what show they want with just a few clicks. This app makes navigation of the different channels very easy. Users can also sort their favorite channels based on the genre. The user has the option of adding friends and family members to the list of favorites so that they can easily add them in the list. In case they miss a show the user can easily look for it in the user’s complete list. The app also allows the users to rate the shows for future reference.

The app also provides the users with the option to buy shows that they like. They can buy them using their credit card or pay with any major debit card. They can also subscribe to a network of channels where they can get all the upcoming shows to watch. The app offers two kinds of membership options. The first one is the authenticated one where the users have to enter their credit card number in order to access the subscription while the other is the non-authenticated one where the users are able to browse through the channels they want to watch without entering their credit card number.

The app enables the users to search for their favorite shows by browsing through the schedule. They can also browse through the different categories of shows and find them according to their preference. The app also offers the feature of rating the movies so that the users can rate the movie they have already watched according to its overall rating. The ratings of movies are determined by the viewers who have rated the movie previously.

There are some great features in the app like the scheduling of the shows that the users can do according to their own convenience.


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